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MAXAIR CAPR Storage Cart

Personal Protective Equipment


Up to 9 MAXAIR Systems

Integrated 6 Gang Charger - up to six Batteries always ready from a single wall outlet

Locations for :
  • Comfort Strips
  •  Spare DLCS
  •  Gloves
  •  Decon Wipes


Single lock for doors and lid

Don/Doff assembly poster

Flexible shelf positioning to maximize internal storage

2 Helmet shelves included

*Additional Shelves Available*
*External Storage racks for either or both ends of Cart available.*
Note: Helmets, Batteries, Belts, and Accessories shown in photos are not included and are to be purchased seperately.
A. Secure-Lock for top lid and front doors.
B. Easy open top lid.
D. Convenient top work space.
E. Fast Access/storage for 6 MAXAIR Systems
F. Adjustable height shelves (add optional shelf)
G. Front doors open 270°
HF, HR. Easy-Roll wheels, front and rear.
     - HF front wheels swivel 360° for convenient parking, lock forward for traveling.
     - HR Rear wheels are 360° swivel and locking
I. Confort-height handle.
J. Side storage compartments - extra DLCs, etc.
K. Optional Add-On Side Racks - add left and/or right.

1-2 System Carry Bag


2000-SB Carry Bag

Room for 1 or 2 MAXAIR Systems including Helmets, Batteries, Belts, and Chargers

Space for small number of Head and Face Covers

Helmet (Hanging) Hooks

2000-204 Helmet Hooks

Package of 6, with mounting screws

Protecting You with Every Breath

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