MAXAIR Systems provides configurations to optimally meet the needs of hospital infection prevention, emergency preparedness, and emergency departments, bio-safety laboratories (BLS-3), nuclear reactor sites, and many manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other industrial applications.

By choosing the appropriate filter, face seal and head cover, and battery, you can achieve optimum respiratory and contact protection, comfort, convenience, and cost effectiveness.

The CAPR® Series is MAXAIR's most innovative line for the broadest range of applications and most economical respiratory and contact protection solutions. 

MAXAIR CAPRs meet todays needs and tomorrows expectations:

♦ CAPR System applications range from routine daily use, while caring for patients in health care facilities, to industrial and manufacturing situations. 
CAPR System configurations range from unique, Snap On - Snap Off DLC cuffs to full Helmet coverage High Performance XP Hoods. 
Common to all CAPR System configurations is the integrated CAPR Helmet with unique always on and visible during use safety LEDs. This unique design eliminates the need for a long
    air tube and a large belt mounted blower unit. 
MAXAIR provides unprecedented overall safety, comfort, convenience, patient friendliness, and cost effectiveness versus Mask respirators and Conventional PAPRs.

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