There are many precautions directed at preventing occupational infections to workers in human and animal laboratories from inhalation of infectious aerosols, and from spills and splashes that make skin contact.

In addtition to the implementation of the "culture of safety concept", these protections include architectural planning, laboratory design, and engineering controls. 

In laboratories working with agents that have a known potential for aerosol as well as contact transmission, additional protection may be provided by personal protective equipment such as the MAXAIR CAPR Systems.

High performance CAPR System configurations for BSL-3 Level laboratories provide High APF (1,000) particulate filtration as well as 360o full head and neck protection against contact.

MAXAIR CAPR Double Shroud Hood Systems are optimized for respiratory and contact protection for use in various laboratory and bio-medical research situations, including BSL-3, Forensics, Coroner's, etc.

Single and Double Shroud as well as Cuff Configurations are available for a full range of protection choices to suit lower BSL level concerns.

These more specialized NIOSH approved PPE respiratory protection system configurations include all the user comfort, convenience, and safety advantages over conventional PAPRs as all MAXAIR Systems, highlighted by:

  • An integrated helmet design that is hose-free (no air tube) and therefore eliminates the need for an external blower unit as with conventional PAPRs. This minimizes overall weight while providing unrestricted maneuverability.

  • The unique channeled air flow provides the quietest and coolest PAPR for excellent communications and protection against heat stress

  • The exclusive always on and visible safety LEDs provide unobtrusive visual monitoring, in the users peripheral vision, of all important indications of battery charge status and filter air flow. These indicators eliminate the need for additional equipment and off-use time for manually measuring these key operational safety parameters.

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