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MAXAIR® Systems provides a turn-key solution for combined respiratory and contact protection for applicatons requiring protection against particulate contaminants. Durable systems, low cost disposable face and head covers, and accessories, even the unique MAXAIR CART for mobile deployment, security, and storage, all provide a comprehensive solution across numerous markets and applications. 

MAXAIR PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators) are leading edge Integrated Helmet designs that eliminate the need for long air tubes connecting to large belt mounted blower units. This results in increased safety during use, greater manueverability, less decon time and effort, more user comfort and convenience, and lower long-term operational costs.


CAPR® Series

78SP Series

300TS Series

The CAPR Series addresses more applications with greater cost effectiveness. 

The MAXAIR 78SP Series provides fundamental capabilities for a large number of markets The MAXAIR 300TS Series is focused to Bio-Medical Research requirements.

Face and Head Covers

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 Cuff Shroud Hood

Provide full face protection and allow convenient stethoscope use. Provide full face and head coverage for full respiratory and contact protection. Provide full face and head protection and fully cover the entire helmet to minimize decon time and effort.



Power and Charging

Deployment and Storage

Helmet accessories include Power Cord options, Comfort Strips, Liners, etc. Power options included an 8-10 Hour/Charge and a 16-20 Hour/Charge Li-Ion Battery.
Charging options include a single and a 6-Gang Charger.
The MAXAIR Cart provides rapid deployment, storage, and security for up to six MAXAIR Systems and typical accessories and routinely needed support items.




The MAXAIR integrated helmet design eliminates the cumbersome air tube and bulky blower unit of conventional PAPR designs, and minimizes the number of accessories and peripherals needed for cost effective use on an ongoing basis."

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