Helmet Accessories

Helmt-to-Battery Power Cords

2590 01 Straight

2590-01 Straight Power Cord
Package of 1


2590 02 Right Angle

2590-02 Right Angle Power Cord
Package of 1


Front Headband Comfort Strips


 2000-201 Comfort Strips
Package of 36
1 Full strip for the front headband on all Helmets.
1/2 strip (Full cut in half) for all 78SP and 300TS Series Helmets.


Helmet (Hanging) Hooks

2000 204 on wall

 2000-204 Helmet Hooks
Package of 6, with mounting screws


2070-03 Helmet Replacement Liner

Liner Transparent

 2061-03 Helmet Liner for 2070-03 Helmets


Liner Replacement Foam Pads 


 2000-206 Helmet Liner Foam Pad Kit for CAPR Helmets
Includes 2 Liner front pads, 2 Liner rear pads, 1 rear headband Comfort Pad
For 2070-03 and 2075-03 CAPR Helmets

The MAXAIR integrated helmet design eliminates the cumbersome air tube and bulky blower unit of conventional PAPR designs, and minimizes the number of accessories and peripherals needed for cost effective use on an ongoing basis."

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