NY Respiratory Protection

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Webinar Qn'A - Session

Date:   March 15, 2012
Start:   11:00 AM EST
End:   12:00 AM EST


MARCH 15, 2011 - 11:00 AM EST
Advanced Respiratory Protection

MAXAIR's CAPR delivers the latest in cutting-edge technology designed for use in hospital Infection Prevention, Emergency Preparedness, Employee Health and Safety.

The CAPR is hose-free with no air-tube and bulky blower unit. It is light weight and spacious allowing greater freedom of movement and full face visibility

Join us and learn more

  • Meet Your Local Representatives
  • Evaluate Your PPE options
  • Why CAPR vs. N95?
  • Learn How MAXAIR Works
  • Reduce the Cost of Fit-Testing

The Panelists Include:

Vince Gonzalez, National Sales Director, Bio-Medical Devices, Intl
Brian Perrigo, Regional Sales Manager, MAXAIR Systems
Jon Artz, NY Sales Representative, MAXAIR Systems



Corporate Office:
17171 Daimler Street
Irvine, CA 92614
Ph: (800) 443-3842

Healthcare safety is the cornerstone of our business and we've developed cutting-edge products to better serve you.


MAXAIR Support MAXAIR Systems

The MAXAIR integrated helmet design eliminates the cumbersome air tube and bulky blower unit of conventional PAPR designs, and minimizes the number of accessories and peripherals needed for cost effective use on an ongoing basis."

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